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My Anthology is now on Amazon

Did it! Premium Mixed Nuts – An Anthology is now available on Amazon. And, for those who like to shop elsewhere, this Books2Read link will take you to other vendors who have it. (The Angus & Robertson icon that looks … Continue reading

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Deleted Scenes

Sometimes, to make a story work, you have to cut something you like. In movies, those things ended on the cutting room floor, and nobody ever saw them. Then came DVD’s, and gluttons for punishment could revel in 21-seconds of … Continue reading

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Awakening Wrapped

Part IV of Awakening, my latest short story, which is more novelette length now, is edited after critique group review pointed out some needed changes. I’ve just finished the story with Part V. My sweet bride, Clarice, has reviewed that, and it … Continue reading

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Chalfont House Posted Us

Today Lynellen at Chalfont House / Hope Springs posted a pair of photos from the April 25th Meet & Greet, highlighting Jeremiah Peters (world-famous author) and me. I like Lynellen.

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Met & Greeted

It was great fun getting to see and talk with a bunch of wonderful folks at the Meet & Greet yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came out – authors, support team and guests! One of the authors posted this “class … Continue reading

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April 25th Meet & Greet – Who’s Gonna Be Where

Unless things change (again) here’s a lay-of-the-land for tomorrow’s Meet & Greet event. After weeks of thinking we knew what we were doing, yesterday I discovered that I’d made a mistake regarding the size of the tables. They’re 6′-0″, not 60″, … Continue reading

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Bookmark Printing Issues – Shazam! Fixed!

There was a problem with the bookmarks I got on the 18th. I called Uprinting in Van Nuys, California. They took care to understand and correct the issue, re-printed the bookmarks AND delivered them in time for tomorrow’s Meet & … Continue reading

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