PRR-1361 K4s

Meanwhile, back East there’s the tale of a locomotive.

Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotive 1361   When I was little, this Pacific class 4-6-2 locomotive was on static display at Horseshoe Curve outside Altoona, PA.

K4s 1361 at Horseshoe Curve in 1958

This is a photo from a trip my family made to Horseshoe Curve in 1958.

PRR K4s 1361 after restoration

From Horseshoe Curve to live steam – K4s 1361

This photo was taken at the completion of restoration in 1987.  After a too-short period of life, she has been undergoing an agonizingly slow, and often delayed re-restoration at Steamtown, in Scranton, PA.  Now, supposedly, she is to be moved to the Altoona Railroaders Museum to finish the job.  (That was announced in about 2007.)  All the posts I can find make her return to operation appear less and less likely.

I’ve now seen word that Altoona has backed out of the restoration.  Apparently she is to receive just a cosmetic restoration.

Here is a video of her running in 1987. At least we have that.

And another one from 1987.

I found this on Wikipedia on 7/25/12:

“There are only two surviving K4s class locomotives. Number 3750 is on display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg. Number 1361 was set to be restored to operation by the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona through the restoration shop at Steamtown National Historic Site. However, due to the difficulty of overseeing the work, Altoona has halted the restoration until their restoration shop is completed. As of 2008, 1361 is sitting in pieces in a corner of Steamtown’s roundhouse. In 2010, the Railroaders Memorial Museum announced that the restoration was to be canceled, and the engine, when it arrives at the museum, would be reassembled and receive only a cosmetic restoration.[2] At that time, most of the restoration was completed save for that of the boiler and other components, so it is possible that the museum may resume the restoration to operating condition in the future.

Despite the publication in the paper, museum personnel have stated though the cosmetic restoration idea was discussed, it is still museum intention to restore the engine to operating status. With the announcement of NS restarting its own steam program, there also exists, at least a little, hope of a future with a K4 under steam on the high iron.”  — We’ll see.

Something new dated May 10, 2018 – 1361, A New Hope?

Do you know anything more about 1361?

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