Ego Tripping – “Clovis” Reviews

cowboy readingReview comments from Amazon and Goodreads from readers of Out of the Storm.

  •  Just West of Clovis – Out of work and luck, a lone cowboy runs into a foot sticking out of the dirt. When the foot starts moving so does the most miraculous story you’ll ever hear. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! SO MUCH FUN!!
  • The most gratifying surprise of the book was “Just West of Clovis.” I was braced for a trite or predictable “western.” Instead I found a succession of humorous hyperbole alternating with authentic, dry understatement sustained in an unbroken narrative. An image or phrase that evokes some element of life on the frontier in a familiar yet fresh and creative way awaits in nearly every sentence. I look forward to reading this tall tale again soon, perhaps aloud to a literature or writing class.
  • I haven’t read a western since my early teens but Ralph James’ West of Clovis was enjoyable.
  • “Just West of the Clovis” by Ralph D. James – Though I’ve never read a western, the tone of the main character’s dry wit captured my heart.
  • A pleasant surpise for me was “Just West of Clovis” by Ralph James. It would never occur to me to pick up a book with a Western theme, but this is a very cleverly written piece with a lot of hidden humor.
  • “Just West of Clovis” by Ralph D. James – He has a wonderful writing style and a knack for humor that shines through. A quick wit, shown with few words, makes the story move right along
  • Great collection of stories! Entertaining, heartwarming, and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed Just West of Clovis!
  • …a funny, western tale that was far-fetched, but totally engaging.
  • “Just West of Clovis” (Funniest Western I’ve read; captured the essence of Gold Rush days, with clever characterization)
  • …surprisingly, the two Westerns…which I never would have picked up on my own. “Just West of Clovis” was a unique story-within-a-story that somehow worked for me.
  • I was surprised how much I liked the western “Just West of Clovis” by Ralph D. James.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever read a western prior to this. But these two are making me rethink that choice.
  • I would even consider buying a full-length version of Clovis, Western though it be.

Oh, and there’s the fabulous ‘category winner” plaque that Clovis earned…

2014 Combined Winner600

Well, all that and $4.50 might get me a cup of coffee. I’m not quitting my day job… Oh, wait. I don’t have a day job. Maybe I should start writing something else.

Oh! News Flash – 3/15/2017 – Jerry B. Jenkins, who co-authored the Left Behind series, has a blog. Recently he did a bit on writing great opening lines. At the end he asked readers to post some of their favorite opening lines. Terrie Todd sent hers…

Aw, shucks!

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