My Short Stories

So far I’ve written eight, and am working on two more. Several, oddly, are westerns. Oddly because I had never considered that genre, either as a writer or a reader. For some reason, they seem to roll off my keyboard.

Anyway, my finished stories, so far, are:

  1. Just West of Clovis started this whole writing thing. It appears in Out of the Storm.
  2. Fence Mending – A loner’s gotta be alone.
  3. Miss Dashwell’s Odyssey – A journey interrupted.
  4. Surviving Idaho – A sort of North western.
  5. Willie ‘n’ Me – Love and treachery after the Civil War.
  6. Awakening – A contemporary tale.
  7. Fatal Harmony – It’s a mystery!

In the SF genre, I have Akron Aftermath. It lives on another site that’s devoted to that sort of shenanigans.

I’m currently working on NOLA Nights, a 1960’s mystery. No cell phones, no computers…

Pandora, another mystery, is on pause for the moment.

Others, just at the teaser stage, lurk in other genres

  1. The Trouble with Improvements – in Steampunk
  2. Meeting in the Mist – Would you believe romance?
  3. Running out of Time – Contemporary Women’s Fiction.

The last three may or may not grow up into stories. Time alone will tell. Meanwhile, I’m trying to corral the first eight into an anthology. Wish me luck!



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