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Just West of Clovis – Cover Art

Somehow, I keep getting wrapped up in doing cover art for my stories. Here’s some for “Clovis.” Maybe someday I’ll have enough stories for an anthology of my own. Then perhaps I’ll actually be able to use this stuff.

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Fence Mending

A recent Geico ad always makes me think of Adam Caine, my character in Fence Mending. He’s a loner. And a loner’s gotta be alone. And words can hurt. Adam’s not quite the same, though.

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Just West of Clovis – In the Mail

My Stars, a plaque! This plaque arrived in the mail from the contest people. I put it in my trophy room… Or on my shelf next to the 30+ year-old 3-D photo of my kids. Okay, AFTER modestly displaying it … Continue reading

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