What Old People Do

Quiet week here in Ralph-Land. Almost a month after I wrote about it, I finally found and consumed some of those Margaritaville coconut shrimp. That was on Tuesday. I couldn’t locate the little critters at any of the local supermarkets. Finally I tried BJ’s and found a huge box of them. Everything comes in huge boxes at BJ’s, except the things that come in huge bags. Anyway, I finally had some and got that out of my system.

Since it’s critique group week (tonight, in fact) and I submitted my excerpt early, I took advantage of the slack time and picked up Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to refresh a bit. It’s been over fifty years since I last met Injun Joe, the King, an’ Becky Thatcher. I’m still floating down the Big Muddy with Huck and Jim as we speak. I did have to spend a little time today doing a MSWord markup for one of our group who can’t make it tonight. I usually just print their stuff and red-pen it. It’s easier. Okay, I’m old. So sue me.

d0jq2khThis afternoon, for a treat, I stopped at Chez Ronaldo for a Filet-O-Fish. (Yes, I would like fries with that. Thank you so much.) I used to do that occasionally when I was working out of town. Back then, I’d take my little gastronomical treasure back to my room at the Worst Western and enjoy it while fiddling with my laptop. On this occasion I elected to dine in and enjoy the ambiance. It was all just as tasty as I remembered.

Now I’m going to rejoin Huckleberry ‘til group time. Then tomorrow it’ll be back to Willie ‘n’ Me.


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