After Akron, then what?

Okay, I’ve finally finished Akron Aftermath. A recent critique group consensus said that I shouldn’t murder a bad guy’s daughter. Apparently stuffing her lifeless form into an antique furnace was a bit too dark for Akron’s SSSF (Sorta-Silly-Sci-Fi) genre. I re-wrote it, sending her off to a Portuguese commune to raise goats and performing hedgehogs instead. I did, however, retain the… never mind. Hopefully that will all come out when my pie-in-the-sky one-man anthology hits the stands, streets, or whatever it is that anthologies are likely to hit.

Meanwhile, it’s time to start working on something else. I thought it was going to be another western. But this morning, after listening to Jimmy Buffett’s “I Will Sing for Gumbo” and “Last Mango in Paris” on YouTube I’m not sure any more. (I don’t always spend time on YouTube, but my sister had never heard “Gumbo” and I felt it necessary to correct that.)

A line in “Paris” led me to google street view car Buzios BrazilBuzios, Brazil, where Google’s Street View car followed a woman as she walked down Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas. The guy’s expression in the Fiat van stuck behind him on that narrow street proves she was not in a hurry. The Google-mobile eventually sped up, left the woman behind, and took its own picture in a storefront.

All this didn’t do much for my western. Buzios was pretty much of a backwater from the time piracy and whaling stopped to 1964 when Brigitte Bardot showed up. The chamber of commerce, or somebody, was so excited they put up a statue at 804 Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas of her sitting on a suitcase.


Going down the rabbit hole like that is pretty much how I write, though. Usually I start out with some cockamamie opening line, then go looking for information related to it. Sometimes that even works. Other times, I just end up looking at a photograph of a silly statue in Brazil, thousands of miles away from where I need to be. Oh, and as the town went to remove the statue for restoration last month, they broke off her right foot. Sinto muito, Brigitte!


What did I expect anyway, after listening to Jimmy Buffett? Maybe I should just go out and get a box of Margaritaville calypso coconut shrimp with mango dipping sauce.


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