Michener’s Texas

After two attempts, I’ve just finished Texas. It took two because the Meet & Greet happened during the first try and I had to give up and take the 1,000+ page tome back to the library before they sent the cops after me.


Interestingly, I had just finished a part where Michener addressed the flooding tendencies of the Brazos River when Texas got eight inches of rain. Guess what – He was right.

I enjoyed the book, although it started well after Michener’s usual geologic formation beginnings. He omitted any indigenous dinosaurs, and waited until Spain was running things. This time there were even a few spots when I chuckled just loudly enough to make my wife think I was misbehaving.

I got my eyes opened, too. After all those formative years of The Lone Ranger and Tales of Texas Rangers, where the good guys always wore white hats, Michener’s rangers are a way more impressive breed of cat.

Once more, I’ve asked Netflix for the movie, and I’m sure it will be a disappointment. I already know they left out the first two or three hundred years of the story. It’s the same as his other books, and the Cadfael mysteries, too. But I just have to look.


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