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Just West of Clovis – Cover Art

Somehow, I keep getting wrapped up in doing cover art for my stories. Here’s some for “Clovis.” Maybe someday I’ll have enough stories for an anthology of my own. Then perhaps I’ll actually be able to use this stuff.

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The Hobbit

Now that all three Hobbit movies are out on DVD, I broke down and got them from Netflix. It would take a thousand words to describe the difference, so instead here’s one picture. (Okay, so it’s technically two pictures.) Python … Continue reading

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I’m Old

I just watched the International Space Station go over. It’s been some years since I saw it last. I still think it’s pretty cool to watch something 250 miles up, going 17 thousand miles an hour. While looking up those statistics, I … Continue reading

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Michener’s Texas

After two attempts, I’ve just finished Texas. It took two because the Meet & Greet happened during the first try and I had to give up and take the 1,000+ page tome back to the library before they sent the … Continue reading

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