Met & Greeted

It was great fun getting to see and talk with a bunch of wonderful folks at the Meet & Greet yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came out – authors, support team and guests!

Thank you for your support

One of the authors posted this “class picture” taken at the end of the day. (Looks like Jeremiah and I got the wear-a-bright-blue-shirt memo. Burton Cole did, too, but he’s hiding behind Tanya Wright.)


Here are a few photos I took just before the festivities got started.





This is as close as I got to a “My Table” shot. Not set up yet. Oh, well.

01882 HORIZ

In the “coulda-shoulda-woulda” department, I should have brought my fabulous “category winner” plaque from the contest that got “Clovis” published in the first place.  That would’ve impressed someone. I’m sure of it.

2014 Combined Winner600

Oh well. Next time…


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