April 25th Meet & Greet – Who’s Gonna Be Where

Unless things change (again) here’s a lay-of-the-land for tomorrow’s Meet & Greet event. After weeks of thinking we knew what we were doing, yesterday I discovered that I’d made a mistake regarding the size of the tables. They’re 6′-0″, not 60″, long. Oops!

That doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you put it into AutoCAD, which is way smarter than I am. It showed me (at about 5 AM today) that 12″ per table makes the original floor plan totally impossible.

An hour of so of jiggery-pokery produced what we hope is going to work. (Please, Lord!)

Nevins 4-25 Seating 1000.So, I’ll be there on the left, next to my pal Jeremiah Peters, world-famous author. We both hope you will come see us!


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