Out of the Storm – What’s Inside?

Here’s a quick crib of the stories in the Out of the Storm anthology, with links to the authors.

Out of the Storm

Contemporary Fiction Category

Squall Line – By Jim Hamlett – 1st Place, (General Fiction) – Flying lessons

Dorothy’s Carol – By Terrie Todd – 2nd Place, (Women’s Fiction) – A Christmas story

A Rumspringa Storm – By Steve Hooley – 3rd Place, (Amish) – Her decision time

Tempest Tossed – By Annette O’Hare – 4th Place, (Women’s Fiction) – A woman with a mentally ill brother

Speculative Fiction Category

The Grumpy Chronicles – By Susan Lyttek – 1st Place, (Fantasy) – A different look at Snow White

The Great Storm – By Karla Rose – 2nd Place, (SciFi) – Storm troopers occupy a town

Oddman – By Carla Hoch – 3rd Place, (SciFi) – A stranger in a strange land, with purple people eaters

Aperture – By Linda Kozar – 4th Place, (SciFi) – A girl and her teddy bear

Combined Genre Category

Just West of Clovis – By Ralph D. James – 1st Place, (Western) – Beans and gold fever

Husband Hunting – By Crystal L. Barnes – 2nd Place, (Western) – It’s her wedding day

Detention – By Gretchen E. K. Engel – 3rd Place, (YA /Fantasy) – Sorta Cinderella, with elves

Fire in a Storm – By Angela K. Couch – 4th Place, (Historical) – The Soviet Secret Police


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