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Irene passes over

Thank you Lord! This is about as bad is we got today.

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Just to make it a tiny bit more interesting…

After staring at nothing but track in video after video, I decided to put at least a tiny bit of something else to see on the layout. Keep your eyes peeled for some really realistic trees (not) as well at … Continue reading

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Check out Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany!

This is the most amazing train layout I’ve ever seen! The airport is operating now. A bit later than they expected, but… well, see for yourself.

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Day Lily

Here’s what we have for flowers this summer.

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Ride the rails!

Here’s our little gondola, newly fitted out as a camera car. Kinda looks like some huge steampunk contraption. And here’s what it sees, riding around the layout.  

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