It’s all about the food

Mr Steer's CounterWhy does it seem like everything I think about this time of year involves food?  First there was the flash mob at the food court, then there was the yummy shrimp on Christmas Eve, and now…  We popped out early this afternoon to pick up a couple of nice bits of filet mignon for New Years Eve supper.  When we want that, we usually go to Mr. Steer in Londonderry.  Everything in their shop looks tastier than the last, so we always end up buying something more than we originally intend.  Today it was a couple of stuffed clams and a package of Chorizo sausage.  The guy there said it tastes like Mexican food, so I picked out some frijoles refritos and a tortilla to wrap them in.  I’m sure that’s completely inappropriate, but what do I know?


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