Tomorrow is Christmas Eve…

…and today I discovered that the Milford Fish Market hadn’t disappeared entirely when it left its old “Motif No. 1” building in Milford, NH.  It just moved west to another building that provides more restaurant space!  (The old place only had room for about 3 tables.)  Woo-hoo!  I got some shrimp for Christmas Eve munching with my Sweetie, and happily plan to return for more seafood goodness.  After losing Newick’s in Merrimack, MFM’s disappearance had been a real blow to our Cape-spoiled seafood tastes.

Yummy shrimp!
Can’t wait!!

(Motif No. 1 – the real one in Rockport, MA)
Motif No. 1 Rockport MA

MFM’s previous building… 
MFM's old Motif No. 1 building

…and their new one, farther west on 101A.
MFM's now building
Thanks to Google Maps Street View 🙂


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