Missing Georgia

I was placing a Chinese take-out order Monday evening, when my ex-motel-room office door opened to reveal a tall, willowy blonde in an expensive suit. Behind her, the Seaver Inn’s neon sign reflected incongruously off her black Bentley, parked four feet behind. I’d have recognized Georgia Kollett, my landlord’s thirty-year-old wife, anywhere. Even wearing those oversize cat eye sunglasses.

She glanced over her shoulder, then quickly closed the door. “Please, Mr. Cable, I need your help.”

I covered the mouthpiece. “Do you like Chinese?”

She pursed her lips and blinked at me. “Yes. Why?”

I nodded and went back to my call. “I’ve changed my mind. Make that a Pu-Pu Platter for two, please, and could you deliver it?” I gave Mrs. Huáng my address. “Fifteen minutes? Fine, Thanks.”

The woman fidgeted and glanced around my office until I hung up.

I rose and extended my hand. “What can I do for you, Mrs. Kollett?”

Her immaculately manicured hand was like ice. “Please, call me Georgia.”

“Okay, Georgia. Have a seat and tell me how I can help you.”

She settled into the new leather guest chair I’d bought when business picked up, and, using both hands, gingerly removed her sunglasses. Her left eye was bruised, bloodshot, and swollen.

I leaned forward in my seat. “What happened to you?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I need your help.”

“Okay. Tell me what you do know. When were you hurt?”

“I’m not sure. I was with two old friends for a four-day girls’ weekend in Gatlinburg. We had fun Saturday and Sunday, but I woke up this morning with this.”

“Do you have any other injuries?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so. But when I looked for make-up to cover the bruise, I found something in my purse.”

She dumped her handbag out onto my desk. Among her cosmetics, tissues and other feminine paraphernalia lay three empty .45 caliber shell casings.

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Bookmarks Came!

Yesterday I got my box of bookmarks for Premium Mixed Nuts! UPrinting, in Van Nuys, California did a great job on them. Clarice and I have both used them before, and always been happy with the results.

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Writer’s Workshop

Clarice’s Writer’s Workshop at the Hudson library on Saturday, January 20th was a good outing. We had six published authors on the panel, and about a dozen guests. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera, so we’re at the mercy of one guest who took one picture. She says she’ll post it on her blog, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Anyway, there were good questions, cogent answers, captivating readings, and tasty snacks, too. Our guests seemed to enjoy the presentation. Clarice and I stopped for lunch at the Lobster Boat afterward.

We have another outing planned for February 24th at the Hooksett, NH library.

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My books arrived today!

I had just enjoyed a nice lunch with my Bride at Longhorn Steakhouse, and was turning into our driveway when she cried, “There are boxes on the porch. Your books must have arrived!”

She was right, of course. CreateSpace had said they’d arrive on the twenty-second. Clarice was certain they’d show up before that. (She’s having an author event at the Hudson, NH library on the twentieth, and wants me there with her.) Looks like she’s gonna get her way. 

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Today Amazon – Tomorrow… ?

The paperback edition of Premium Mixed Nuts is now available on Amazon!

Tomorrow, the world! 🙂

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After about a million edits, re-readings, rewrites, corrections and adjustments, I’ve approved the release of the paperback edition of Premium Mixed Nuts – An Anthology for publication and distribution.

CreateSpace says it should be available from Amazon in three to five business days.

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Working on the paperback

I’m using CreateSpace to do the paperback version of Premium Mixed Nuts. As part of the review process, they show you a 3-D picture of your book. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I’m almost done. I think.

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